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does your brain ever just produce disturbingly violent thoughts out of nowhere
like terrible, horrible, thoughts
for no reason at all
and then you snap out of it and you’re like 
i don’t want to kill my mom
what the fuck

they’re called intrusive thoughts and apparently are very common

oh…good to know.

I used to think about getting hit by buses a lot.

mine was “what if this floor collapsed”

I don’t know if it was due to recent shootings but I would think “What if someone came in here with a gun?” I’d think those after a shooting would happen.

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"My girlfriend is Spanish. She speaks English without an accent so you’d never know if she was foreign but all the English idioms she doesn’t quite get…she says ‘Oh really? Put your money in your mouth.’ There’s another one: ‘Okay look: I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m gonna put all my cars on the table.’ No, don’t put any cars on the table. Or one time we were at dinner and it was ‘Well if I had a nipple for every time I heard that.’" — Nathan Fillion on Christina Ochoa

They are legit made for each other.

UGH they are to cute


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Boston Strong.

You can never shake America, we just come back stronger.


Boston Strong.

You can never shake America, we just come back stronger.

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Anonymous asked: Kate fakes her death to take down Bracken and no one knows. After he's gone she shows up on castles doorstep!


It’s only been eight months since he laid her to rest. Eight months of sitting around, sleeping on her side of the bed and inhaling the last bit of her scent. She’s gone now, he knows, but it doesn’t make the day to day life easier.

He still goes to the precinct whenever he can, stares at the desk that was once hers with disdain and cannot find it in his heart to get along with the new Detective Sarah whom flirts with him whenever she gets the chance. Everything reminds him of Kate.

Bracken was placed in jail two months before. He remembers everything about the trial; he went to every court healing, every appeal, every sentencing until William Bracken left in shackles and an orange jumpsuit. He knows every now that Kate would have done the same thing and a tiny part of him holds onto the what could have been, had she been alive to see her mother’s killer brought to justice.

It’s late at night when there’s a knock on the door. Alexis is upstairs, pouring over books that don’t make any sense to him. His mother is out. He can’t imagine who is on the other side of the door. He pushes forward, opening the door and what he sees makes his heart equally drop to the pit of his stomach and beat just a little bit faster -

"Kate." He breathes, and for a second he thinks he’s hallucinating. He’s slightly drunk, the remainder of his scotch sitting in his office next to his laptop. It’s possible. "You’re not… you’re not real."

But she is. She reaches and her hand clasps his cheek and it’s takes all he has not to break down and cry right there. She’s dead. He buried her with her mother’s ring and her engagement ring on a chain. He kissed the top of the casket and nearly refused to let go of her but she’s… she’s right there.

"Rick." Her voice cracks and then he’s done, tears filling his eyes as she steps over the threshold, crushing her body into his and somewhere along the lines, his arms wrap around her waist and he thinks he might be holding her too tight, but neither of them are complaining.

Questions would come later; they’re the last thing on his mind because she’s alive and breathing and she’s home.

This is making me cry.

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You’re all worried about low numbers? Well talking negatively about a upcoming ep won’t do anything to help! So let’s support every ep, because the last thing we want to do is decrease the likelyhood of people to tune in.


Dude, 6x20 is going to freaking awesome! Did you not see the CTV promo?! It’s like 1000% better than the US promo. I’m super excited about this episode!

I’m excited. Canada has better promos than the US in general. Pretty Little Liars Canadian promos are much better.

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She wouldn’t let anyone be over protective with her. If she does get pregnant there will probably be a time jump.

She wouldn’t let anyone be over protective with her. If she does get pregnant there will probably be a time jump.

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Hearing privilege is getting annoyed and refusing to repeat yourself when somebody asks you to, saying “it wasn’t important” because you think it’s too much work to repeat yourself if you weren’t heard or understood the first time.

This…so much.